My Angel who looks over me. Part 1.

Back in 1993 I was a 13 year old. I was still living in Indiana where I was born and raised most of my childhood. I would say I was a good kid, and I followed the rules. Aside from not making it home before dark on a very rare occasion. I would get so caught up in playing basketball and football at the local park. It really is true about Hoosiers playing basketball all day.

I lived with my grandparents and knew I could get away with more. I didn’t really try though. I didn’t want to disappoint them.

I met a girl I went to school with. Her name was Mandy. She was my first girlfriend. My grandma knew her grandma as well. For reals, think super small town.

Well, we were sexually active at that young age. I’m not going to go into details on that. Out of respect for her and her family.

We did dumb things. By dumb, not necessarily dangerous or life threatening but stuff that would get us grounded. We would, well she would sneak out of her house at night and one of her friends or one of my real good friends would walk with her over to my grandparents house. She would lightly knock on my bedroom window. Opening that window was a bit loud, but it never woke anyone up. So I would open the window and she would crawl in. We would hang out and talk, and make out of course. It would get late, as if it wasn’t late enough, and she would leave.

One time, a few months later, when she had come over, we were sitting on my bed. My bed was right next to the window. I heard my grandma’s door open. So she jumped out the window and hid. My other friend, Paul, kind of leaned down to hide outside my window. It was still open. My grandma knocked on my door and opened it up. She asked why I was awake at 2am. She asked why my window was open as well. Before I could even answer she looked out the window and saw Paul leaning over, I believe she tapped him on the shoulder and told him to leave.


The next morning, me and my grandma were talking about everything. I didn’t really get in trouble. She said don’t do it again. I asked her how she found out because she said she thought something was going on. She replied back “well I noticed all the flowers were looking nice around the house in the flowerbeds except the ones under your window kept getting stepped on.”

The effing flowers did me in!

She never noticed or even knew Mandy was coming over. At least not at this point.

A few more times she came over. One time her and a friend almost got caught after curfew by the police. Another time, with a different friend, they both got caught.

That prompted her dad to nail her window shut. After that, I’m not sure if she had snuck out again. We’re talking 23 years, many beers and drugs later. Give me a break, lol. We were together about a year at this point.

Then one morning, I woke up and walked into the kitchen. Sitting at the kitchen table with my grandparents were her dad and mom/stepmom. They had gotten ahold of her diary. You can probably imagine what was in it. Basically, we had been busted. Everything we had done, was no longer a secret.

That event prompted one of the biggest changes of my life. About two weeks later my dad came into town. I was supposed to be spending the weekend with him. He was a truck driver. However, it ended up being more than just a weekend. Unknown to everyone (including myself), but my mom and dad, I was actually going to be going to California to live with my parents. I didn’t know this until I noticed it was late on Sunday and we were nowhere near my hometown. My dad pulled over at a truck stop to use a payphone. Yes, a payphone. Remember those? He hopped back into his truck and told me that he was taking me to California…..

To be continued.


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