That Moment

That moment when you are torn. That moment when you thought the last one could have been the one. That moment when things get complicated. That moment when so many scenarios play out in your head. That moment when you get so confused. That moment you are reminded of how vulnerable you are. That moment when many people could get hurt. That moment when it could backfire. That moment when you don’t want them to hurt. That moment when everything stands still. That moment when all you want to know is the right decision. That moment when all you can think about us happiness.

That moment when everything stated above is going through your head at once. Decisions are a bitch. But they have to be made. Obviously we never know how things will play out 100% of the time. We don’t see the future. We can plan as much as we want. You can follow that plan.

I feel like we live in a world of negative what ifs. Why can’t we live in a world of positive what ifs? Instead of saying “What if it doesn’t work,” why cant people say “What if it does work,” instead?

In a relationship if you go with the negative what ifs, you will more than likely fail. I’m not saying throw reality out the window. But have faith that it will work. Go into everything with the right attitude. Your chance of success increases greatly. Take the chance, otherwise you will be kicking yourself and saying “What if I hadn’t have said no?” Take chances in life.

Live in that moment!