The Second Lena

Another one ends again. It never really started again, but it was as close it could be without being complete.

Let me explain. Chrissy was supposed to come back yet again and didn’t. I know, surprise huh? I had a gut feeling she wouldn’t. And that is due to all the other times she said she would but didn’t. There were lies and more lies the whole time.

Every time it would get close, she would slowly become more unavailable. I would notice it and speak my mind. She always turned it on me making herself seem like the victim. Always acting like because I spoke my mind about it, was the reason she was distancing herself.

She was supposed to be back before Thanksgiving, and apparently for her sister’s wedding. Saying she would come see me before the Thanksgiving. The Sunday before I called her and she said she was on her way and she would call me the next morning. I believed her and I shouldn’t have. Why? Because she she never called me the next morning. It took me call after call to get her to answer. She finally answered saying she was around family and couldn’t talk, but would call me in a bit. That call never happened. Again, this went on for a few days. Her saying she would call me back, telling me to call her back in 30 minutes and she would answer, and finally, she said she would come visit me at my work.

I asked her to prove she was with family by sending me a pic and not still in Oregon. She didn’t. She has never had a problem sending me a pic to reassure me. When she didn’t, I knew she wasn’t here. She even blocked my number from almost day 1 of supposedly being back so her family wouldn’t know I was calling, according to her. But it never became unblocked. She moved on or back to someone else.

She disappears when she lies. She doesn’t want to grow up and act like an adult and tell the truth. I asked her to just tell me the truth. I’d rather know the truth and it hurt than to just be sitting here waiting. So yes, I was lead on by her. Basically, she only wanted to be I my life when it was convenient for her. She said she loved me, but anyone reading this will agree when I say, you don’t treat people you love this way.

In the end, I was prepared while she was disappearing and lying. I’ve been with 2 different women since last Wednesday. It’s my healing process. However, I would love a relationship with either one. They want me for me, not just when its convenient for them. I’m confident I can have any woman I want. I waited for a year and a half for Chrissy to come back. It was a waste of time.

I’ve come to the realization that if she truly loved me, she would have come back. I should have listened to her family members when they warned me about her this second time. I didn’t want to, but I should have. They were right.

I really hate to say it, but Lena cheated on me twice. What Chrissy did was worse. Lena cheating, 2 wrongs. Chrissy lying more times than I can count on 5 hands, even worse. She is absolutely the worst person I know.

I could easily expose her to the rest of her family, but I’m not going to. That would make me just as bad as her. Some people are destined to lose all or most of their family and/or friends. She does that fine on her own. She doesn’t need my help.

The best thing, there will be a day where she will need me. And I won’t be there. Anytime she would call me crying, I would answer or call her right back because I cared and loved her. I’m ok with that. Like I said, I’m already moving on. The fact that I knew she was lying this whole time makes it easier. I only ever wanted her to tell me the truth. She couldn’t do that.

Karma will bite her in the ass someday. Maybe that will be the day she wakes up.


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