35…and climbing

Today is a day like any other for me. It was 35 years ago that my mother shat me out of her womb. (line from “Bad Santa”)

I have had one good birthday over the past few years and it easily was last year. Someone very important to me made it very special for me.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I had a blast. She always seemed to make everything so simple but she did it in a way where it was unforgettable. She always impressed me with how she could turn nothing into something just like that.

I would give anything to have that day back. I would give everything to relive that day one more time. I miss her and every day I think about her. She is all I think about. She is what I want for my birthday.

I know I won’t get what I want. But I will live with what I get instead. Today, its just another day in my life. A day that doesn’t really mean anything to me anymore. After all, we all know what will make me the happiest.


One comment

  1. happilydpressed · February 3, 2015

    Well even though you’re not too fond of the day. I’m glad it happened that 35 years ago.

    Happy birthday! Xxx

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